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At Desk360, we take the security of our customers very seriously and we’re always hard at work to ensure reliable communication with their customers. We’ve developed a bulletproof customer support software service with features such as advanced encryption and IP restriction, user authorization, data protection, backups, and more.

Security Compliance Certification

Security Compliance Certification

Our information security management system (ISMS) is ISO 27001 certified and audited by an independent company. In this context, our software development processes have been accredited by IAS (International Accreditation Service).

Product Security

Desk360 offers two levels of password security: default and heightened security. You can also specify how long users will have to wait after an unsuccessful login attempt.

You can activate Desk360’s Two Factor Authentication (2FA) feature for all of your accounts. The PIN code sent you by Authenticator apps allows you to login to your account securely.

Desk360 never stores your credentials in human-readable form, keeping your data in a safe environment.

Desk360’s permissions system enables you to assign Admin, Auditor, and User roles to your teammates to specify exactly what they can access and edit.

Add your whitelisted IP addresses to Desk360 and decide who can access your account from where. For instance, you can only whitelist your office network IPs to ensure only your employees can access our platform.

Desk360's spam filtering service ensures all kinds of spam e-mails that might come from your customers are instantly filtered out and kept out of your product.

Desk360’s high availability with 99.99% uptime means you won’t experience any interruptions, barring any maintenance. Check our system status here.

App Security

Our engineers attend secure code training sessions to get the latest on the most important security risks and vulnerabilities, widespread attacks, and Desk360 security protocols.

Desk360 leverages static and dynamic security testing tools to limit exposure to critical security risks. These tests reduce our exposure to Open Web Application Security Project Top 10 vulnerabilities, SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors, among others.

Our security department regularly checks our codebase for any security vulnerabilities and patches them up.

Desk360’s test and live environments are not hosted on the same systems, meaning live data can’t and won’t be used in the development test environment.

Both our platform and mobile apps are continuously tested against the potential security vulnerabilities thanks to our static code analysis tools.

Our internal security teams and professionals performs detailed security tests against our systems regularly and minimize risks after determining the vulnerabilities.

Extra Features

Desk360 offers a highly versatile platform to comply with various data protection laws around the world and uses AWS to secure user data.

Once you create an account on Desk360 platform, you automatically agree to our terms, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These policies are updated and shared with users regularly.

We hold Information Security Awareness training sessions hosted by experts to ensure every member of Desk360 stays vigilant and ready to take action.

We perform background checks on our new members to ensure compliance with local and global laws.

Every new teammate signs an NDA to help prevent any security risks.

Got any questions about security?

Have you discovered a security vulnerability on our systems? If you have, please reach out to our security team: security@desk360.com

For more information on Desk360, check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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