Desk360 social media management

Manage your social media activities with Desk360

An omnichannel support platform that lets you manage all of your customer service channels on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, on a single page

Social media communication channels

What are the benefits of social media customer service?

Businesses receive a large number of customer messages from a multitude of channels. The shared message box in Desk360 enables businesses to quickly respond to every single message and comment received through their social media accounts, saving precious time and allowing them to reach more customers.

Faster turnaround time with Desk360’s next-generation Inbox
Support for Instagram and Facebook messages with instant replies
All interactions on a single screen without having to share account passwords
All interactions on same page

What do customers say about your company on social media?

The smallest comment on social media can quickly reach thousands of people. Start utilizing Desk360 today to improve your customer service and enhance your brand image.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter integrations

Connect all of your social media accounts in mere minutes and begin using them for customer service. Easily and efficiently manage all of your interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from a single page.

Tickets coming from social media are automatically assigned

If you have a team dedicated to social media interactions, create a social media services group in the Desk360 dashboard and have all your social media interactions assigned to the staff of your choice.

Additional social media integration capabilities

Convert the comments you get on Facebook into messages by replying to them privately. Remove, edit, or hide any Facebook or Instagram comment that you don’t want on your profile and automatically prioritize the interactions of Twitter users with large follower counts.

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