Shared Inbox

Shared Inbox

See all of your email conversations on a single screen with Desk360's shared inbox.

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

The Next-generation
shared inbox

The shared inbox enables your customer support team to effortlessly access and respond to all client messages coming from multiple channels at the same time. Save time and effort by reacting to customer requests quickly rather than spending time keeping track of them.

No more password sharing

Share your inbox,
not your password

Add the members of your support team as users to the Desk360 platform and provide them access to their shared inbox using their own email address and password. You’ll never have to share passwords for your critical accounts like social media and email addresses.

All channels on a single page

Organize and respond to all customer conversations from your mobile app, website, email, and social media from your shared inbox.

Put an end to the mess

Easily track which team member is handling which customer’s request with the shared inbox and prevent redundant follow-ups.

Professional team management

Your team will receive fewer communications on a shared inbox. Discover the optimal approach based on previous messaging and consumer behavior data.

Additional benefits of using a shared inbox

Detailed Reports
Special Agent Notes
Team Management

Access detailed reports of how many requests have been resolved by both users and teams in a chosen date range, with a single click.

When assigning a ticket to another team member, add descriptive notes and tags to the message to help your teammate handle the ticket faster.

Create an unlimited number of teams and manage them from a single interface. Streamline your workflows, respond to your consumers faster, and provide them with an excellent support experience.

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