Desk360 Authorized Partnership Program

To help businesses communicate with their customers, Desk360 partners with the exclusive companies from all around the world. Become a Desk360 partner by connecting your customers with Desk360 products, and earn rewards for each sale.

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Become a Desk360 Partner

We can grow faster together. Become a Desk360 authorized partner today and earn by providing the best omnichannel customer support and sales product to your clients.

As a Silver Partner, you’ll earn a 20% commission on all sales.


As a Gold Partner, you’ll earn a 30% commission on all sales.


When your monthly revenue exceeds 10,000$, contact us to find out how much you can earn as an Elite Partner.


Strategic Partners

Authorized Partnership Program Benefits

High Revenue Sharing

Become a Desk360 authorized partner and earn commission up to 40% for each sale.

Self Service Platform

Let your customers use Desk360 in no time without need of any technical assistance.

Partner Dashboard

Track your earnings and sales efforts by logging in to your partner dashboard.

Constant Improvement

Provide complete solutions for your customers while we keep improving the platform.

Become a Desk360 Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get detailed information about our partnership program here
or you can get in touch with us by sending an email to

Partners can refer any business that is not an existing Desk360 customer under the paid subscription Business plan.

Desk360 partners can earn at least 20% commission for each sale. Commissions will be paid by Desk360 after the customer pays to Desk360, within 30 days.

There is no limit to the number of customers referred by partners. Also, there is no upper limit to the amount partners can earn from this program.

Partners can track their earnings and get detailed information by creating an account on Desk360 platform and logging in to their partner dashboard.

Yes, partners keep earning commissions if the referred customers continue their subscriptions into the next billing cycle.

Partners can log in to their partner dashboard and invite customers by sending an email invitation, or they can send unique registration links provided by us to their customers.

Partners can monitor customer status on their partner dashboard.

Commissions will be transferred to partners by money order.

Commissions will be paid by Desk360 after the customer pays to Desk360, within 30 days.

No, partners only receive payment for referrals who sign up using their unique link.

Yes, the program is free to join. There are no monthly charges and sales criteria.
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