An omnichannel customer communication platform


Convert the emails in your inbox into tickets on Desk360 and quickly manage & reply to them.


Web Contact Form

Bring the customer messages you receive through your website to Desk360 and reply to them here.


Mobile App Message Box

Create a powerful support desk for your mobile app users! With its easy SDK setup, make customer support more accessible within the app.


Mobile App Stores

Bring the App Store, Google Play and AppGallery reviews for your app into your Desk360 inbox, with no need for any software knowledge. Quickly respond to reviews and maximize customer experience.



Track and reply to your Twitter mentions and messages on a single screen.



Monitor and respond to all your Facebook interactions with Desk360 integration.



Manage all of your Instagram comments and DMs right from your Desk360 account.



Instantly reply to customer messages on WhatsApp and easily manage them.


Live Chat

Quickly respond to customer messages with a live chat you add to your website.


Ticket management with the next‑generation inbox

Next-Generation Inbox

All messages from each platform in one inbox. Save time and increase your team’s efficiency with Desk360’s next‑gen inbox!


Bulk Actions on Tickets

Perform a bulk reply to customer messages, resolve problems altogether and save time.

Quick Answers

Answer frequently asked questions easily and fast with quick answers that you can create in 40 languages.

Ticket Auto-Replies

Set auto-replies to customer messages without any help from an agent.


Ticket Activity Logs

Closely monitor every activity for support requests and get detailed reports.

Email Templates

Reply to your customer messages in an appropriate language by using email templates that you select.

Prioritization Rules

Prioritize your support requests in four tiers: Urgent, High, Normal, and Low.

SLA Management

Track how well your support team is doing against the SLA targets you’ve set for them.

Business Hours

Specify your business hours by adding the days and times you provide support and measure your SLA reports excluding holidays.

Advanced features to boost the team collaboration

Ticket Management Between Teams

Easily manage your inbox without getting lost in customer messages.


Smart Tickets

Determine which team or agent will get which customer requests.

Special Notes

Let your agents take notes in support requests for special cases.

Email Notifications

Enable email notifications for customer messages received from the channel you want to follow.

Authorization Control

Determine which agent will be responsible of which project.


Quicker customer service with the self‑service options

Chatbot Integration

Provide an excellent interaction experience to your customers with chatbots and resolve problems faster.

Help Center

Customize your FAQ pages without having to write a single line of code and offer quick and easy support.


Contact Pages

Organize your contact pages on your website and customize them in your brand image.

Custom Chatbots

Reply to customer messages by creating special Desk360 bots for your live chat channels.

Higher efficiency with the ticket metric measurements

Ticket Volume Reports

Analyze the support requests for your product both quantitatively and qualitatively at a single glance.


Performance Reports

Assess your team's performance and efficiency.



Instantly monitor your support request trends and the performance of your support team.

SLA Reports

Track how well your support team is doing against the SLA targets you’ve set for them.

Exclusive Desk360 integrations to make your job easier


Connect your tickets to issues you create on Jira through Desk360, assign them to any agent you like and prioritize them.


Reply to your customer messages, assign them to the relevant agent and easily track them on Slack.



Integrate your tickets into a board on Trello through Desk360 and include them in the team’s workflow by assigning them to the relevant agents.


Integrate Desk360’s live chat support system into your ecommerce website backed by Ideasoft.


Integrate Desk360’s live chat support system into your ecommerce website backed by Shopify.


Exclusive Desk360 functions for a unique customer experience

User Parameters

Allow your team to view the parameters of your users on Desk360.

Callback Function

Easily manage agents’ tasks for your customers on Desk360, with no need for any other panel.

Mobil SDKs in 40 Languages

Get contact pages within your app by using the Desk360 Mobile SDKs without having to write any code. Customize them on Desk360 to match the design of your app.



Lease dedicated IP addresses for your products or business if you don’t want to use a shared IP address.

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