Desk360 WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp Business Customer Service Management

A unique customer support and conversational commerce experience with WhatsApp Business.

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WhatsApp for Business Messaging

Engage your customers via WhatsApp

Companies that use WhatsApp Business Customer Service are always in touch with their customers. With WhatsApp, which offers dialog-based commerce, you can also provide your clients with a unique support experience and enhance your sales.

Manage your WhatsApp Business account with multiple users directly on your Desk360 dashboard.

Inspire customers to purchase on WhatsApp with the conversational experience.

Provide a unique customer support experience to customers with WhatsApp Business.

 WhatsApp Message Management

What is a WhatsApp Business account?

WhatsApp Business helps companies to get in touch with their customers for dialog-based sales or support. To begin messaging with your customers, create a WhatsApp Business profile.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business accounts?

With WhatsApp Business, you can provide support and send template messages to your customers. You can control WhatsApp messages by providing a one-to-one WhatsApp experience for both your customers and brand representatives.

WhatsApp Group Management

Multi-user and order management experience

Use the WhatsApp channel for dialog-based sales or support, with multiple users, simultaneously on a single page. Provide a link to your customers over WhatsApp to enable them to simply order by transforming the shopping cart you generated for them into a link.

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