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Haziran 2020 
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360 degree
customer support platform

High efficiency, detailed reporting, advanced features and always the best prices!

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In Desk360, you can bring together the conversations you make with your customers through all contact channels and follow up them.


App Store and Google Play Store Reviews

Convert user reviews about your apps on App Store and Google Play Store into tickets with Desk360 and follow them up. Reply your tickets through the panel, sort the reviews and shape your product according to customer demands.


App "Contact Us" Pages

Enable your costumers to create support forms in the app. Support forms become tickets in Desk360. Reply and sort your tickets here. And improve your product with your users' feedback.



Desk360 converts every e-mail, sent to the e-mail address you specified, into a ticket. Track the replies to customer requests and reply times.


Web Contact Form

Integrate into Desk360 the feedback forms that your costumers fill out on your website. If you don't have any feedback form, easily provide your customers with feedback form via Web SDK.

Easy SDK Set-up For Apps

Mobile SDKs and Web Widget allow you offer your customers corporate-level support on your mobile apps or on your website. Your costumers can create tickets on your app and write to you through their tickets. Manage the whole process and provide better support now.


With its reporting and analytical skills, Desk360 enables you to directly assess team performance, team productivity, user experience and workload.

Easy Ticket Tracking with E-mail and Panel Interface

You can conveniently track e-mails, feedback or reviewes on App Store and Google Play Store by converting them into tickets with Desk360.


Easily follow user reviews about your apps on stores by turning them into tickets with Desk360. Reply and group your tickets and shape your product according to your customers' feedback.