Boost customer satisfaction with multichannel support platform

High efficiency, detailed reporting, advanced features and always at the best prices!

The best ones are using Desk360 to provide a stellar customer experience!

Check out the capabilities of Desk360

Discover the technologies Desk360 focuses on! We believe you’ll be convinced.

All communication channels on a single page!

WhatsApp, Facebook, email, contact forms, live chat and many more! Speed up the process by gathering all messages on a single page.

A UI/UX experience above standards

Desk360's support screen has been designed to save you time. With quick answers, special notes and many more features, enjoy an unrivalled experience by Desk360.

Live chat support

Decide on the look and feel of Desk360’s customizable chat bubbles, reach more customers by creating push messages.

Cooperation between teams

Manage your workflow effortlessly with the smart ticket assignment, messaging between teammates and ticket management between teams.

Discover the features that make Desk360 stand out!
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Forever free for small businesses

Check out the free forever plan that comes with all the must-have features and essential channels.

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6-months free for those who switch to Desk360

Import your ticket history data into Desk360 and activate your 6-months free subscription.

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3-months free
for startups

Newly established companies, you can grow your business with our 3-months free offer.

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