WhatsApp Business API

Get an active WhatsApp business account in minutes. Simple installation guide multi-platform support.

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Mobile + Web Applications Support

Manage the messages your business receives collaboratively with multiple team members with the help of both mobile and web support.

Desk360 Public API

Effortlessly integrate with WhatsApp Business API with cloud-based Desk360 Public API and manage end-to-end messaging from your own system.

Desk360 Platforms
Integrate With Other Platforms

Integrate the communications coming to your Whatsapp number on other platforms.

Desk360 Template Messages
Template Messages

Elevate your communication with customers on WhatsApp using our pre-designed message templates. Whether you want to share attractive promotions, reminders, or updates, or send personalized notifications, WhatsApp message templates will take your communication to the next level!


Self-Service Integration

It's ready in just a few minutes, with no need for deep coding knowledge!

Three important reasons to choose Desk360!

Lower costs

With Unbeatable Pricing Policy, Desk360 not only provides WhatsApp Business API service but also provides Shared Inbox for your teamwork. Moreover, without having to pay per user!

Easy document, fast integration.

In Just 4 Simple Steps! Integrate your Facebook Business Account, create your WhatsApp Business Profile, verify your number and integrate Webhook. Then, start using it right away!

Easy access to the support team.

Do you need support with integration, installation or other issues regarding our services? All you have to do is send us an email! Our support team is ready to answer your questions quickly and assist you in the best way possible.