Manage all your support channels with Desk360.

Manage all store reviews and feedback about your app on a single page. Combine customer messages with customer info and offer omnichannel service to your customers.

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Make things easier with an
omnichannel helpdesk.

Thanks to Desk360's omnichannel helpdesk, your agents will be able to reply store comments on your apps besides e-mails and support forms. It also makes possible to view all the customer correspondence on a single page.

Enable your costumers to create support forms in the app. Support forms become tickets in Desk360. Reply and sort your tickets here. And improve your product with your users' feedback.

Convert user reviews about your apps on App Store and Google Play Store into tickets with Desk360 and follow them up. Reply your tickets through the panel, sort the reviews and shape your product according to customer demands.

Integrate into Desk360 the feedback forms that your costumers fill out on your website. If you don't have any feedback form, easily provide your customers with feedback form via Web SDK.

Desk360 converts every e-mail, sent to the e-mail address you specified, into a ticket. Track the replies to customer requests and reply times.

Handling all support requests on a single page, you can offer your customers a more complete experience.